Wij zijn het 5de Bataljon Nationale Militie uit het Napoleontische tijdperk (1795-1815) en dol op levende geschiedenis. Als re-enactors beelden wij deze periode zo correct mogelijk uit door:

  • historische demonstraties
  • optochten van historisch verantwoorde groepen
  • tableaux vivants
  • historische toneelspelen
  • herbeleving van historische gebeurtenissen

een en ander zowel plaatselijk als landelijk, nationaal en internationaal. Denk aan de Slag bij Waterloo in 1815.

We beelden functies uit variërend van fuselier tot kapitein. Ook biedt de werkgroep onderdak aan kampvolg(st)ers en aan enkele re-enactors die een staffunctie vervullen in de ‘Brigade Bylandt'.

Deze brigade is een samenwerkingsverband tussen de verschillende verenigingen die eenheden uitbeelden die in 1815 ook samen onder deze brigade vielen. Op dit moment zijn dit de vereniging ‘7de Bataljon Infanterie van Linie (1815)', de werkgroep ‘Het 27ste Bataljon Jagers' van de V.M.L.H. en de ‘Artilleriesectie Winzinger, 4de Bataljon' van de vereniging Saluut batterij Atkins. Wanneer de ‘Brigade Bylandt' in zijn geheel samenkomt, staat er een eenheid van meer dan honderd militairen!

Het 5e bataljon is opgericht op 1 december 1999 en lid van de vereniging MARS en van de Napoleontische Associatie der Nederlanden (NAN).


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Remuneration Programs: What They Can Carry out For Your Business

Are you a business owner? When you are, do you winning prize your customers or perhaps customers meant for doing business with you? Unfortunately, in the current culture, on a regular basis offering revenue and discount rates on your product or expertise isn’t more than enough. If the organization currently has no rewards course, also frequently referenced to because a respect put in place, you will need to have action without delay.

Before setting out the many ways that benefits applications and care programs can maximize your income, it is normally earliest crucial that you take the time to familiarise yourself with what exactly they are. Winning prize courses and care programs are created to prize buyers with regards to shopping with you, upon more than you occasion. For the reason that an case, you will want to take a look at credit cards that come built with rewards. A lot more times a credit card is used, the greater points a credit card user can accumulate. Depending on the credit credit card making an attempt, all those points may later on be redeemed for the purpose of money, travelling certificates, or additional items, such as DIGITAL VIDEO DISC players or perhaps pcs.

Though every business owners can benefit from rewarding consumers and customers, reward applications and respect programs are definitely not the perfect match with regards to all businesses. For instance, if you have a dealership or a home loan financing firm, this is very unlikely that you’ll receive multiple sales from same customer in a years worth of energy. On instances where you sell off high priced merchandise or merchandise that will not need to be traded in or improved, you may well gain the most coming from offering onetime promotional presents, as opposed to beginning a rewards program or maybe a loyalty method.

On the other side, should you own a store, mail order business, or possibly a web design organization, reward courses may be the perfect fitting meant for you. This is due to you are more likely to experience make sales in the same consumers. These are types of customers that the majority of rewards applications, namely dedication programs, are prepared for. Yes, it is important that you take steps to acquire new clients and consumers, but it is also important to concentrate on the ones in which you already have. What better method to perform thus than with respect programs which could reward your customers and consumers with free gifts?

Now that you are familiar with pay back applications, and also onetime advertising products, you might be wondering in respect of just how they can help you. First off, to be powerful, recompense programs and trustworthiness courses will need to be aimed toward the basic public, specifically your targeted market. This is often done simply by applying for paper adverts, sending immediate messages to your customers, or simply by setting adverts in your corporation or perhaps upon your via the internet website. With this aspect, rewards programs and loyalty programs enable you to get your business brand to choose from and recognized. The adverts are more likely to turn heads if you showcase free presents, instead of traditional product sales or discount rates.

Praise programs and support courses, once effectively carried out, are almost definitely effective. In fact, this is why these programs are speedily raising in acceptance. As soon as your customers disappear delighted and with a free gift that they received through a rewards program, they are more likely to speak to all their friends or family customers of their pleasing knowledge. That is no secret that buyers talk regarding both very good and less than ideal experience. Even though it remains advised that you just advertise your recompense courses and trustworthiness applications, you may after find recommendations assisting you in your search for unfold the phrase.

Devoid of a mistrust, the foremost thing that implementing a advantages plan or perhaps a trustworthiness program can do just for you is usually increase your income. Buyers are very likely to do organization with corporations that allow them to leave with a no cost gift, say for example a travel official document or a new digital camera, than patients that easily say ‘have a good working day. ‘ When customers grow make use of to obtaining free marketing gifts and grow value to gaining entry to reward courses, the word ‘we take pleasure in your business, ‘ simply isn’t very enough anymore.

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